There are those who did not serve. Now that it is once again fashionable to be a Veteran, some are coming forward, making claims to service that was not theirs. We call them "Wannabees"

The Ballad of the Wannabees
(by Charlie Broz)

Special troops in their own minds,
But underneath not what one finds,
Not real men, but just phonies,
Nothin' but trash, them Wannabees.

Mike Force, Recon, and A-Teams,
Heroes all, but in their dreams.
Many claims we all shall see,
None more clear than the Wannabee.

Forced to live off others's toil,
Their false claims make your blood boil.
They wouldn't start if just they knew,
But Wannabees aint got no clue.

Ranger tabs and all that stuff,
Talk real big, and think they're tough,
Scum who brag so all can see,
Ain't no man, just a Wannabee.

In his mind he must just wait,
'Til shown up to meet his fate.
Once exposed he always finds,
The real thing treats him unkind.

So put all that stuff on your chest,
Make believe you are the best.
Once found out, this too will pass,
Wannabee, we'll kick your ass. "

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