: <BODY BGCOLOR=#FFFFFF TEXT=#000000 background="./textures/chatbkng.gif"> <center> <font size=+2>Welcome to Jim Henthorn's Baltimore County Fire Department Page!</font><br> <i>This page under construction! Last modified 8/14/96</i> <TABLE BORDER=1 WIDTH=100% CELLPADDING=5> <TR> <TD> <center><align=middle><IMG SRC="./bcofd/bcofd.gif" width=112 height=150></center></font><br> Jim Henthorn is an active career firefighter in Baltimore County Fire Department with over 23 years of experience in all areas of the Department. Past assignments include 7 years with the Fire Prevention Bureau including 5 years supervising various sections in the Prevention Bureau.<p> After 4 years as the Managment Information Services manager, he returned to his first love - Field Operations. While in MIS he was directly responsible for the introduction of computerized Fire Incident Reporting. This system allows for the accurate recording of data relating to all types of incidents within Baltimore County and provides for analysis of that data. This gives the senior management of the Fire Department another tool to use to ensure the best possible service is provided to the citizens of the County.<p> Promoted first to Lieutenant and then to Captain, he is currently assigned to the Golden Ring Fire Station (Engine 16) in the Rosedale area of Baltimore County, Maryland. Equipment currently assigned to Station 16 include an E-1 Engine with a 1000 gallon water tank aqnd 1000 GPM pump, a Medic Unit staffed by a Paramedic and an EMT and a Brush Unit for small field and woods fires.<p> A link for the Baltimore County Fire Department is currently under construction and will be added here when complete. <p> <center><A HREF="http://www.nexus.net/~911gfx/index.html"><font size=+2>Click Here</a> to return to the top of Jim's Home Page.<p> <i>This page under contruction</i></font></TD>. <P> </TR> </TABLE> </BODY> </HTML>